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TATA Projects unveils 'HACHI – SAFETY MASCOT' for India@100 campaign

Tata Projects has chosen a bee as its safety mascot as they are considered indispensable to the existence of humankind.

TATA Projects Limited has unveiled HACHI as its safety mascot under its campaign India@100, growing responsibly and safely.

India@100, growing responsibly and safely is not just a campaign. It is a vision for an India that is future-ready to lead the world towards a more sustainable, resilient, and safer place for the generations to come.

This campaign is further supported by a compelling 9-part YouTube series that enhances the safety quotient in our day-to-day lives, as India makes its impact on the global economic landscape. Being a leading EPC company, Tata Projects is committed to creating a better future for all by increasing safety awareness and lauding safety champions.

Tata Projects has chosen a bee as its safety mascot. Bees are considered indispensable to the existence of humankind as they pollinate approximately 35% of the crop species consumed by us. The mascot goes by the name HACHI. Hachi, is a Japanese word, and it means ‘Bee’. It epitomizes the six-sigma of safety, respect, and environment. Additionally, bees personify perseverance and symbolize community and teamwork. 

Himanshu Chaturvedi, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer, Tata Projects Ltd, said, “In today's world, businesses must make focused efforts to ensure the occupational safety of their workforce. This is because the well-being of workers is crucial for the success of any business. At Tata Projects, we understand the importance of workplace safety and make sure that it is our top priority. We believe that every worker has the right to return home safely at the end of the day. To achieve this, we have put in place various measures to ensure the safety of our workers at our sites..."

This campaign will enable the brand to promulgate our belief that the safety of stakeholders takes precedence over everything else. With this campaign, we not only endeavor to eliminate accidents at project sites, but also educate and enlighten the masses about industry-wide safety practices.

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