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TBWA\India collaborates with CRY- Child Rights And You, to raise funds for covid-19 relief efforts

As the lockdown continues and India battles with its biggest healthcare crisis, life has come to a standstill for thousands of economically disadvantaged families and their children.

TBWA\India conducted a webinar to teach the Art of Conscious Disruption, the philosophy behind all its creative work. In a unique collaboration, TBWA joined hands with CRY to help all attendees learn about Disruption while donating any amount they deemed fit to CRY.

An online session titled ‘Disruption and the art of seeing differently’ was hosted by CRY and conducted by Parixit Bhattacharya, managing partner - creative of TBWA\India and Krishnan Subramanian, its chief strategy officer. It aimed to impart the tenets of conscious Disruption with tips and tricks to come up with fresh, unusual, innovative and original solutions on an everyday basis.

This webinar helped aspiring advertisers, marketers, and pretty much anyone searching for a guide on how to come up with disruptive ideas. The TBWA\India duo shared insights on ways of seeing the world differently, embracing the risk that comes with seeking transformative change, pursuing progress instead of improvement, and going beyond the obvious to unearth ideas that have been there all along but gone unnoticed.

Parixit and Subramanian also shared some behind-the-scenes thinking for TBWA\India's Cannes Grand Prix winning work such as Blink To Speak as inspiration.

Commenting on the inspiration behind the initiative, Parixit Bhattacharya said, “While it seems like our hands are tied and donation drives start to lose steam, it is crucial to figure out an equal exchange. Something that will add value to individuals while making them want to donate to the cause of Covid relief.”

Adding to that, Krishnan Subramanian said, “At the core of this initiative was our desire to give netizens the tools to create something good for people and society, while supporting CRY's Covid Relief measures which attempts to help 1.76 lakh households and children by providing them with ration and health kits.”

Puja Marwaha, CEO of CRY – Child Rights and You commented “Solutions to stubborn problems, like child marriage and school dropout, need simple yet disruptive ideas. We are deeply grateful to TBWA India for this session which doubled up as a fund raiser for CRY and we found the session immensely helpful not just from an advertising lens but also for social workers, teachers, parents and children themselves.