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Tech-driven shopping revolutionises customer experience and fosters brand loyalty, says Havas Whitepaper

The whitepaper was launched at the 12th edition of TiE Delhi-NCR’s Internet Day 2023.

Havas Media Network India, the media arm of Havas India, has released a whitepaper titled "Shaping Consumer Experiences: How India Buys & How Tech is Shaping E-Commerce Adoption & Experience." This whitepaper explores the evolving e-commerce landscape in India, focusing on the role of technology in shaping consumer behavior and driving business growth.

India's e-commerce sector is rapidly expanding and is expected to reach $2 trillion in the next decade. To understand the changing dynamics of the e-commerce market, Havas Media Network India conducted research in collaboration with YouGov and NFX across ten key markets. The study prioritised the preferences of online shoppers and tech enthusiasts aged 18 to 45 years.

Key insights from the whitepaper include:

  • Tier-Based Shopping Patterns: The research revealed distinct shopping behaviors across different city tiers in India. Urban areas prioritise convenience and variety, while smaller towns emphasise affordability and value. Brands are encouraged to tailor their marketing strategies to cater to these unique preferences.

  • Rise of Social Commerce: Platforms like Instagram and Facebook play a significant role in brand discovery and engagement. Peer and influencer-generated content drive shopping decisions, effectively turning social media into a direct shopping platform. Brands are urged to harness this trend for enhanced credibility, trust, and engagement.

  • Elevated Role of Direct-to-Consumer Brands (D2C): D2C brands are gaining momentum, particularly among younger consumers. Their authentic narratives and personalised products are capturing interest. Established brands should consider collaboration with D2C brands to align with evolving consumer choices.

  • Technological Empowerment & Convenience: Technology is revolutionising shopping by providing convenience and empowerment. Features like chatbots, voice assistants, and augmented reality (AR) offer seamless assistance, immersive experiences, and instant information. Brands that effectively integrate these technologies can elevate customer experiences and foster brand loyalty.

Mohit Joshi, CEO of Havas Media Network India, emphasised the transformative power of technology in reshaping India's retail landscape. He highlighted the need for businesses to adapt to changing consumer dynamics and innovate strategies to bridge the gap between businesses and tech-savvy consumers.

Sanchita Roy, chief strategy officer of Havas Media India, stressed the importance of understanding consumer behavior at different city tiers. She noted that localised marketing strategies aligned with distinct preferences can be a powerful tool for capturing consumer loyalty and driving growth in the evolving retail landscape.

The whitepaper was launched at the 12th edition of TiE Delhi-NCR’s Internet Day 2023 (iDay 2023), an event dedicated to fostering an ecosystem of technopreneurs and investors in the tech industry.

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