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This is how RB takes cue from Modi's Fit India Movement..

It hasn't been a month since prime minister, Narendra Modi launched the Fit India movement on National Sports Day aimed at mobilising citizens to participate in sports and other fitness activities. And, guess what! Reckitt Benckiser (RB) owned healthcare brand Moov make a quick move to partner with the initiative.

As part of this partnership with the government's Fit India Movement, FMCG firm RB India aims to raise awareness on growing new age lifestyle pains. The company recently launched a new variant of its popular pain relieving brand and it is called Moov Advance Gel.

You may have come across #MakeYourMoov posts by influencers, B-Town celebs and sports personalities that are doing the rounds for a while on social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram. If not, then here's a glimpse for you. Several actors and cricketers take the #MakeYourMoov challenge and pass it on to their friends from the industry.

The initiative has almost taken the internet by storm with cool workout moves performed by celebrities such as Gautam Gambhir’s ‘The Gauti Pushup’, Mallaika Arora Khan’s ‘Bench Press’, Rakul Preet’s ‘Anti Gravity Pushups’ and Arjun Rampal’s ‘Crocodile Walk’ to name a few.

Pankaj Duhan
Pankaj Duhan

Pankaj Duhan, chief marketing officer, RB Health, South Asia, is hopeful that with the introduction of the new range, “We will see a significant jump in share numbers.”

He adds, “Though the market is fragmented, we have 12 to 13 per cent market share and market leadership in the cream segment.”

And what about the product plug? “As per an independent survey conducted by ad-tech firm InMobi, it was found that 8 out of 10 working professionals may suffer from back pain, while, 7 out of 10 mobile users may suffer from neck pain. Fitness levels are going down across India, we tend to become inactive due to sitting for long hours in office or being glued to our phones. We are trying to encourage India to bring about small changes in their everyday life that will impact their overall health in the long run. And when all else fails, use Moov,” quips Duhan.

Duhan elaborates, “As a brand, we genuinely want to work towards the betterment of consumers and if there are initiatives and platforms working on the same cause then we would put the brand muscle and brand name behind it to take the message forward.”

At present, the pain relief market is estimated to be around Rs 4,200 crore, which includes all forms of products in cream, gel, spray and balm.

A 30g tube of Moov Advance Gel is priced at INR 149.

However, it's quite interesting to see how RB India has been riding on the government's popular campaigns to leverage some of its key brands such as Dettol and Harpic amid the PM's call to promote cleanliness.

Brands under the RB Health portfolio in India include Dettol, Durex, Strepsils, Nurofen, Veet, among others. On the other hand, its hygiene portfolio comprises of brands such as Harpic, Vanish, Lizol, etc.

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