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Tinder partners with DOT. from Netflix’s 'The Archies' to launch Incognito Mode for enhanced privacy and control

The campaign video has been directed by Kush Patel on an original composition by Dorwin John.

Tinder, the popular dating app for meeting new people, has roped in DOT., the mysterious girl from soon to be released Netflix’s The Archies film, to spotlight Incognito Mode.

Incognito Mode is a step up from fully hiding your profile. It offers Tinder subscribers the ability to maintain full control over their visibility while engaging with the Tinder app. Subscribers can still Like and Nope profiles, but only those whom they've liked will see them in their recommendations. This innovative feature enhances subscriber privacy and control, making the Tinder experience more tailored to individual preferences.

The video reimagines Tinder as a party where DOT. walks in and turns on the Incognito Mode feature. DOT.’s attire blends in with the wallpaper behind her as she eases into the party experience - visible to only those who she Likes while staying incognito to the rest of the party. Directed by Kush Patel, this video has an original composition "Gaya Gaya" by artist Dorwin John, a 23-year old singer-songwriter, composer and producer.

A recent survey reveals that 98%* of young daters in India said that safety features on dating apps are important.1. Since day one, Tinder has been focused on delivering in-app experiences that encourage healthy interactions and help give Tinder users control over their dating journey.

Quote on behalf of Anukool Kumar, marketing director, Tinder India, “Incognito Mode, allows our users to navigate the dating world with enhanced privacy. Together with the exclusive track by the talented Dorwin John and Dot, who adds an element of mystery and excitement to this innovative feature, we aim to offer a personalised and secure dating experience that aligns with the evolving preferences of our users.”

As part of Tinder’s continual effort to lead the dating industry in safety innovation, Tinder released a slew of new in-app features that help users control how they engage with others in app.

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