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“Today, marketers reach 100 per cent of their audiences through mobile phones”: Taranjeet Singh, Criteo

The tech company helps marketers deliver full funnel marketing goals.

Recently, e-commerce platform Flipkart and global technology company Criteo came together to launch product performance ads (PPA), with full funnel measurement capabilities. This is aimed to strengthen Flipkart’s off-platform offerings and create opportunities for advertisers across segments to reach out to, and engage with, high intent customers.

The launch is a part of the larger 2022 growth strategy for Flipkart’s adtech business, as it continues to innovate and unlock value for both brands as well as sellers. Through Criteo’s commerce media capabilities, Flipkart will enable advertisers to deliver their full funnel marketing goals on the Internet by leveraging its audience signals for highly relevant reach and, therefore, higher overall campaign efficiency.

Taranjeet Singh, managing director, SEA & India, Criteo, tells afaqs! that today, many marketers and consumer companies are investing in enriching their first-party data.

“They are looking at either a data management platform (DMP) or a consumer data platform (CDP) to know more about their customers and their evolving lifestyle habits so that they can effectively deliver the right services.”

COVID has changed consumer behaviour. During the pandemic, online shopping became popular across age groups and demographics.

Singh says, “People were comfortable watching long-form videos, even on their mobile devices. Hence, OTT became big. People enrolled in a number of online courses and, hence, edtech became popular.”

“It is interesting to see that these changes were not just driven by a particular segment. Younger people like the Gen Z or millennials, the older ones or those above 45, people from Tier-II and III towns, etc., have all stimulated these changes.”

Mobile phones have now become the first screen. As per Singh, in India, marketers reach 100 per cent of their audiences through mobile phones.

Criteo helps marketers to build reach and frequency for their advertising.

In recent times, there has been concentration of power in the hands of the big tech companies, especially in the ad sector.

Singh mentions, “Advertising dollars follow the audiences. I have spent a long time in this industry, selling print, television and digital in the social space. I believe adtech can help marketers reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. Hence, it’s not really about big tech companies, but about which company can build that service or make an impact with its marketing dollars.”

Highlighting how digital marketing has evolved over the years, Singh says that change is the only constant, when it comes to technology or digital marketing.

“Consumer behaviour and preferences are changing by the day. It’s important for tech companies to offer the right services, to help brands reach out to the right target audiences,” Singh concludes.

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