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Trailytics partners with IDAM

IDAM includes variety of brands like Bella Vita Organic, Bevzilla, Petveda and GNC.

Trailytics, an analytics solutions provider company, has forged a partnership with Idam Natural Wellness. This collaboration will bring Trailytics' services including supply chain analytics, logistics analytics, digital shelf analytics, and marketing analytics, under its unified control tower. It aims at enhancing operational efficiency and enabling data-driven strategic decision-making for Idam.

Highlighting the significance of this partnership, Anirudh, director of Trailytics, said, "We are excited to align our expertise with Idam Natural Wellness. Analytics is not just about data; it's about deciphering meaningful patterns and deriving actionable strategies. Our aim is to help Idam navigate the competitive wellness industry landscape with precise insights, ultimately driving savings and growth."

The company will enable Idam to make informed, real-time decisions aligned with their brand vision and customer expectations. Providing a comprehensive view of brands’ online presence, including product performance, customer feedback, and market trends, it will assist in optimizing product listings, marketing strategies, and inventory management, resulting in significant cost savings.

With Trailytics as their strategic partner, Idam is set to embark on a journey to unlock a new era of data-driven success.

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