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TTT and Hershey India introduces personalised AI messages for Valentine's Day

With a generative AI-focused website, TTT offers personalised messages with custom images and songs to celebrate all kinds of love.

Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) , a content company, is collaborating with Hershey India to venture into the tech domain by launching a custom dedication website for #YourForevers campaign which is live till February ‘24. With this distinct portal fueled by Generative AI, TTT empowers users to craft customised SMS messages for their loved ones- adding a layer of sentiment to their storytelling.

TTT's flagship IP, ‘Butterflies’ (that captures love in various dynamics) and Valentine's have been synonymous for years now in collaboration with Hershey India for the last two seasons. The fifth season of ‘Butterflies’ powered by Hershey India is set to scale new heights in Valentine’s Day 2024.

With the help of generative AI-focused website, TTT ‘helps you voice for every relationship of your choice’. The platform aims to create tailored dedications, celebrating all kinds of love this Valentine's – be it the enduring love between friends and couples, or the cherished family bonds or the nuanced dynamics of sibling relationships or any other forms of connection.

The AI process integrates user inputs, generating personalised dedications with custom images and songs in a classic retro style, delivering a tailored mixed tape that captures both present love and futuristic storytelling in mere seconds.

It weaves user's data into a poem, incorporates a customised image that resonates with the message and sets it all to a selected song that holds a special meaning. This creation, celebrating their friendship/ love is then delivered directly to the recipient's inbox. The top dedications on the platform will stand a chance of becoming a film in Butterflies S5.

Slated for a pre-Valentine's Day launch, the website launch campaign will leverage social media platforms for widespread promotion. Additionally, TTT will be collaborating with multiple influencers, who will use the portal to dedicate original songs and express how they feel.

Anuj Gosalia, founder and CEO, TTT, said, "With the world moving towards generative AI, we have stitched real love and Artificial Intelligence together by building the country's largest dedication portal to help you express your love this Valentine’s. Personalisation is a powerful tool for making consumers feel valued and understood. We have been working on this project since November ‘23 and, as we launch this website just ahead of the romantic season, we invite you to join us in the art of personalised storytelling. Also, stay tuned for the upcoming season of 'Butterflies,' our flagship web series in collaboration with Hershey India - capturing diverse love dynamics with its rich storytelling which has always kept the audience enraptured."

Ankit Desai, marketing director, Hershey India, said, “Over the past three years, we have been building and strengthening the ethos of our campaign ‘YourForevers’. To bring alive this, we are thrilled to yet again associate with Terribly Tiny Tales for the upcoming season of 'Butterflies'. As we eagerly anticipate the romantic tales and heartfelt content that will surely strike a chord with the viewers, we are equally excited about TTT's launch of their Generative AI portal that adds another dimension to the campaign. Embodying innovation at its core, this portal is a canvas for heartfelt messages, elevating the art of expressing love in the digital age. Our strategy seamlessly integrates creativity, strategic execution and cutting-edge technology, enabling heartfelt connections across diverse relationships. Through the AI portal, we want to enable consumers to express love to their forevers while providing a truly personalised and meaningful experience.”

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