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Twenty One Pilots belts out a mashup of Netflix’s Stranger Things theme and ‘Heathens’ at a live concert

Marketing genius? Yes. However, can the tribute save us from Vecna’s clutches?

Music plays a crucial role in season four of Netflix’s sci-fi hit Stranger Things. Ohio-based musical duo Twenty One Pilots might have taken this aspect to a cultural zeitgeist with its mashup of the show’s synth-drowning theme and the band’s hit song ‘Heathens’.

Performing at the Electric Castle festival in Romania last week, it was Vecna, the big baddie from the Upside Down, and his booming voice torturing Sam in a scene from season four which first appear on massive screens behind the stage before the duo took the stage.

"This performance could save me from Vecna any day of the week." tweeted the official Stranger Things account.

Season four of Stranger Things has made headlines for its choice of music. Be it "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush saving Max or Eddie shredding Metallica’s "Master of Puppets" in an epic scene, Vecna's defeat may lie in these sound vibrations called music.

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