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vivo collaborates with BrandMusiq to create new sonic identity

vivo has recently incorporated these distinctive ringtones and notification sounds into their newly launched V29 series devices in India.

BrandMusiq, sonic branding firm has created a new sonic identity for vivo, the global smartphone brand. This collaboration between BrandMusiq and vivo ushers in a new era of emotional resonance and brand recognition through the power of sound.

vivo took a step to enhance its customer experience and brand identity by partnering with BrandMusiq, a global sonic branding agency. This partnership has allowed vivo to create a comprehensive Sonic Identity System that is unique to the brand and instantly recognizable. This system includes the ‘MOGOSCAPE® (Sonic palette), a MOGO® (Musical LOGO), and a Mini-MOGO® (confirmation sound/alert), which all work together to encapsulate the essence of vivo’s brand purpose, ‘Live the Joy.’ This system is already integrated into all brand communication, including TVCs and digital content, ensuring an instant and unmistakable association for vivo.

Notably, vivo has recently incorporated these distinctive ringtones and notification sounds into their newly launched V29 series devices in India. This marks a significant milestone in the manifestation of vivo's sonic brand, set to resonate millions of times daily across India, creating a strong and consistent auditory identity for the brand.

Speaking on the landmark initiative, vivo Brand spokesperson stated “We can’t wait to have consumers experience this encapsulating tone that is the perfect embodiment of vivo brand values and purpose. The process of creating this was a wonderful journey of bridging the gap between science and art. We hope consumers can find joy in what we have created.”

Rajeev Raja, the visionary founder of BrandMusiq, expressed his excitement about this monumental collaboration: "vivo's decision to integrate our Sonic Identity System into their brand communications and consumer engagement programs marks a momentous leap for both sonic branding and the brand's identity. We are thrilled to partner with vivo in creating a comprehensive sonic identity that triggers instant brand recognition and deepens brand emotion”

Over the years, BrandMusiq has successfully unlocked sound opportunities for consumer brands to create a long-lasting emotional association with their audiences across a multitude of ‘ear points’ or ‘audio touchpoints’. By applying their time-tested process, the company has developed sonic identities that connect with consumers at a deeper and more subliminal level. BrandMusiq has created sonic identity for brands like MasterCard Global, Infosys, Toyota, Unilever brands (such as Bru, Red Label, Vim,) HDFC Bank, SBI Life, Vistara Airlines, Zomato, Raymond, Kraft, Nestle, Blue Band, MG Motors, Reliance Petroleum, and many others.

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