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When domestic abuse cosplayed at Comic Con

Real instances of domestic abuse were taken and made into comic book panes.

That domestic abuse is not an urban problem is a misconception. 28% of women in urban regions have faced some form of domestic abuse, and this goes largely unreported.

Since it is a problem that’s not easily visible, awareness was important across all age groups. Particularly children, teens and young adults.

Acts of violence are ingrained in the lexicon of Comics with “Pow! Bam! Biff and Whack”, this presented an opportunity to flip the narrative and raise awareness for domestic abuse.

Comic-Con India, in association with SNEHA foundation, took real instances of domestic abuse and made them into comic book panes. These were then hand-painted on a cosplayer who made her presence felt at the event.

What's more, the shocking nature of stories on her caught everyone’s attention. The messaging also urged people to report instances of domestic abuse as early intervention could contain chances of repeated offence.

The activity was conceived and executed by McCann Worldgroup, India.

Dr Nayreen Daruwalla, Director, Prevention of Violence against Women and Children programme, SNEHA said, “At SNEHA Foundation, we support many young survivors who access our helpline through counselling, mental health first aid and educate them on legal options. Even a basic awareness about the available resources goes a long way in enabling youth to help themselves and other survivors overcome domestic abuse."

Jatin Varma, the founder of Comic Con India said. “We at Comic Con India, have always championed expression, and for us, cosplay is a big way to do that. But Cosplaying for a cause is something that took it to a new level. We knew that cosplay as an art form can be leveraged to bring out powerful social messages. And we could see the instant impact the cosplayer created when she walked into the venue. We hope to support such initiatives in the future as well."

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