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Whoppl collaborated with Croma for a quirky Instagram campaign

The campaign highlighted how brands are experimenting and taking a leap by getting quirky and humorous to engage with the younger target audience.

Whoppl, a young influencer marketing agency has collaborated with Croma for a quirky Instagram campaign. 

The electronic brand got a whole bunch of influencers across categories through Whoppl’s vast influencer network. Croma in this super fun and exciting collaboration with Whoppl aimed at emphasizing on the idea of dreams and how Croma is here to make dreams come true this Holiday season. 

The collaboration had a simple agenda, to engage with influencers to wobble their heads to Croma’s tune paired with some of the most relatable, humorous scenarios inspired from daily lives. The campaign turned out to be an absolute treat this Holiday season as the scenarios got as relatable as  POV - You found a 10rs note in your pocket, POV - your mom finally lets you take that one trip to goa etc.  

Commenting on the same, Ramya Ramachandran, founder CEO Whoppl: “We thoroughly loved working with Croma and this gave us an opportunity to be the tastemakers in creative, relatable yet fun & engaging content. We look forward to create a Whoppl effect together with the brand.”

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