Deepashree Banerjee

Why does Burger King stop selling its Whoppers for a day?

The frequent marketing battles between Burger King and McDonald’s have been the talk of the town for a while now. But, this is probably the first time both the fast food retailer are coming together for a cause. And, we're pleasantly surprised, just like you.

In an extremely humane and thoughtful move, the American global chain stopped selling their famous Whopper burgers for one day in order to increase the sales of McDonald's signature burger, the Big Mac as the latter was raising funds to support children with cancer.

The Whopper and Big Mac are in fact the two best-selling burgers of all time from these two arch rivals.

Irrespective of whether it was a marketing gimmick or genuine support towards a competitor’s cause, the campaign called "A Day without Whoppers" (a brainchild of the advertising team of Burger King) which came into place to support the advocacy against cancer has drawn attention from many.

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