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Wipro out with Giffy, a fruit & vegetable wash

The flip top cap bottle is priced at Rs.55/200ml and Rs.130/500ml.

Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting today announced the launch of Giffy Fruit & Vegetable Wash with 100% naturally derived formulation.

In view of COVID-19, while there are clear guidelines around washing hands, wearing face masks and social distancing, there are none when it comes to keeping fruits and vegetables hygienic and safe for consumption. This leads to apprehensions about them being carrier of germs and pesticides into house hold .Most of the Indian households continue to rely on plain running water for cleansing Fruits and vegetables . Giffy Fruits and Vegetable wash provides them with an effective and efficient cleansing solution . Giffy Fruit & Vegetable wash has unique formulation with natural ingredients of salt and vinegar that removes germs, wax, pesticides and dirt .

This formulation is free of sulphates, harmful preservatives, synthetic colour and fragrance. Giffy Fruits & Vegetable wash is available in easy to use flip top cap bottles, priced at Rs.55 for 200ml and Rs 130 for 500ml.

Anil Chugh, president - Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, said, “The pandemic is changing consumer behavior and reshaping priorities. Innovation in hygiene and safety measures have become the central focus. Global health practitioners are emphasizing on the need to not only be extra-cautious but also sanitize items that are brought home. Giffy Fruit and Vegetable wash aims to be an effective solution for cleansing fresh produce owing to its natural cleansing power.”

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