Aishwarya Ramesh

Work from home with the backdrop of a Starbucks cafe

Many cafes doubled up as coworking spaces before lockdown. Now, Starbucks attempts to bring that background to WFH, and Zoom calls.

With work from home (WFH), and video calls becoming the 'new normal', TATA Starbucks has launched seven backdrops to brighten up virtual Zoom meetings.

Replicating the in-store ambience through the picturesque backdrops of the interiors, Starbucks fans can now download the free backdrops. They can then reminisce about their favourite moments spent at the store from the comfort of their homes.

The multifunctional backdrops inspire varied facets of the day, and can be used for conference calls with colleagues, hanging out with friends, game nights with family, coffee dates with your loved ones, etc.

Commenting on this initiative, Deepa Krishnan, head of marketing, digital, loyalty and PR at TATA Starbucks, said, “Reinforcing our efforts towards making the Starbucks experience ubiquitous, personalised and engaging, the virtual backdrops will aid in replicating the offline experience online. Our aim is to stay connected with our customers through creative avenues, and bring hope, joy and love in their lives to navigate through these unprecedented times.”

Zomato is another brand that recently rolled out customised digital backgrounds for Zoom video calls. On its website, it states, “At Zomato, our inspiration comes from food. So, we decided to make food an integral part of our work-from-home lives, too. Take your Zoom meetings to the next level with these amazing backgrounds.”

This has turned out to be an efficient way for a brand to advertise without having the need for users to access its app. While video meetings are an unavoidable part of quarantine, Zomato’s digital campaign seems to have hit the right spot. Check out the backgrounds below.

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