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Wunderman Thompson's new report casts a keen eye on the health, pharma, and wellness category

Called '21 Times Health', the report spoke to Indian households in 32 cities to understand changing mindsets on the above-mentioned categories.

"It takes 21 days to build a new habit" is a popular notion. Indians have had more than their fair share of such days during the lockdown. And now, they're preparing themselves to come out of the lockdown as the government relaxes restrictions.

The same goes for business categories too. They too are preparing themselves for the new normal which will begin once the lockdown ends. A few peeks of this are already being felt.

Wunderman Thompson South Asia has released a report called '21 Times Health'. The agency conducted a lockdown study among 32 cities in 15 states to understand mindset change around wellness, pharma, and health. They then consulted brand and field experts to corroborate their findings.

Here are a few of the major findings of this report:

1. 85% said they would buy a detergent if it came with an anti-bacterial benefit.

2. 94% said everyone in their home needs an immunity boost.

3. 73% will get themselves and their families inoculated within a month of the Coronavirus vaccine being developed.

4. 81% agreed there is some truth to the fact that Homeopathic/or Ayurvedic medicines can build your immunity and make you stronger from within.

5. 91% said they will feel uncomfortable using Uber/Ola after the lockdown.

6. 8.9% of the respondents will move exclusively to buying medicines online.

7. 2 in 5 respondents would consider paying a premium for a customised or fashionable mask.

You can read the entire report right here.

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