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Z1 Media renames to Z1 Tech, and reveals a new logo

With this now, the company is now fully dedicated to embracing its tech roots, with a renewed focus on developing cutting-edge technology.

Z1 Tech, has made an official announcement regarding its rebranding from Z1 Media. The company is now fully dedicated to embracing its tech roots, with a renewed focus on developing cutting-edge technology.

With this rebranding, Z1 Tech is all set to embark on a new journey of growth and success, cementing its position as a global leader in advertising and media technology.

Z1 Tech's rebranding strategy goes beyond a mere logo change. It is a concerted effort to bring its core values and mission in alignment with its image. The shift to Z1 Tech is a significant move towards a future of growth and success in the tech industry while also laying the foundation for building a team and culture that embody the company's values. By 2024, the company plans to triple its workforce and strengthen its partnerships with this rebranding being a pivotal step toward achieving these goals.

The rebranding involved the launch of a remodeled website and a new logo with a distinct dark blue and white color palette that represents the company's depth and stability in the digital media and advertising space. The logo reflects Z1 Tech's dedication to connecting customers with innovative digital solutions.

In response to this announcement, Amitt Sharma, Co-Founder, and CEO of Z1 Tech stated: “Our new logo represents our commitment to innovation and our relentless pursuit of excellence. We believe that technology can be a force for good, and our mission is to explore our strengths, push the limits of creativity and develop uncomplicated yet effective solutions for various brands.”

Arjit Sachdeva, co-founder of Z1 Tech said, “We are excited about our rebranding, reflecting on our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology that enables us to make an everlasting impression in the digital space. As a company, we believe in diversity and representation are essential for building products that meet the needs of all people and we are excited to continue to discover futuristic solutions that empower our clients to connect with their audiences in meaningful ways.”

Founded in 2015, Z1 Media comprises two distinct product branches: VDO.AI and Plunic – which will retain their names and identities under the rebranded Z1 Tech. The company serves more than 3 billion ads monthly and over 1B+ video plays each month. With a focus on inclusivity as a core part of its culture, Z1 Tech is committed to driving digital transformation and providing cutting-edge solutions to its customers.

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