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Zepto partners with Reverie Language Technologies to localise its Zepto rider app

The app has been contextually localised in six native languages namely Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, and Bengali.

Zepto, an Indian quick-commerce company has partnered with Reverie Language Technologies, an AI-powered language technology platform, to bring localisation to its Zepto rider app to improve the way it communicates with its delivery partners.

This paves the way for a more accessible digital environment for delivery partners across India. The app has been contextually localised in six native languages namely Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, and Bengali.

The localisation of the Zepto Rider app addresses the linguistic challenges faced by delivery partners and signifies a leap towards embracing the linguistic diversity of the country.

Shubham Agarwal, senior product manager, Zepto, highlighted the essence of this partnership, stating, “Our delivery partners, who often speak local languages, find it challenging to navigate an English-dominated digital landscape. By localising our rider app into native languages, we aim to make it more intuitive and user-friendly for them. This change is already seeing greater adoption among Zepto’s newly onboarded delivery partners. This decision to localise the rider app comes from a deep understanding of our delivery partners' needs. Navigating the app in their native language empowers them and streamlines the delivery process, ensuring our commitment to speedy delivery is met without compromise."

“Reverie’s advanced, superior quality Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and Transliteration outputs, coupled with its responsive and supportive team, made it the ideal partner for our app localisation initiative,” he added.

Delivery partners are increasingly opting for the localised app in their native language, which indicates a successful adaptation among them. The move has further enhanced the engagement with the app’s additional features, including referral schemes and loyalty programs, eventually enhancing partner retention and engagement.

The localisation effort is part of a phased approach, focussing on gradually implementing it across various app modules, aiming to cover all regional languages. This phased approach allows Zepto to measure the adoption and impact of localisation, particularly among new delivery partners who are more receptive to using the app in their native language.

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