Benita Chacko

Zomato makes guest appearances in movies

Recently, the food delivery app was spotted in at least three films - 'Vikram', 'Doctor G' and 'Thank God'. 

With cinema halls regaining their lost steam this year, many brands are now queuing up to find their place in the latest film releases. Recently, we saw Walkaroo and Rupa being weaved into the story of 'Laal Singh Chaddha'. The Ranveer Singh-starrer 'Jayeshbhai Jordaar' had an in-film advertising of Astral Pipes. The Netflix original 'Darlings' had at least 15 product placements.

The leading food delivery app Zomato seems to have made in-film brand integrations an integral part of its brand strategy. Recently, we spotted the brand in at least three films - 'Vikram', 'Doctor G' and the latest release 'Thank God'

In these three films, the brand doesn't weave into the storyline or find a mention in the dialogues. Instead, we see a subtle positioning of the brand that highlights its use cases in our lives. 

For example, in 'Vikram', we see a Zomato delivery boy (in his iconic red T-shirt) bring pizzas to a rushed wedding ceremony. Similarly, in 'Thank God', when guests are coming over for a meal, we see a Zomato delivery boy bringing in the food. Through these scenes, the brand is positioning itself as a solution for every occasion. 

Today, Zomato has become a household brand and is almost synonymous with food delivery. It needs no description, and that explains the lack of mention in the dialogues. The scenes don't even come across as brand endorsements. Through its subtle positioning, it appears as an everyday scenario of food ordering. Just as one would do at home. 

One possible effect that the placement may have on its audience, especially when the films are on OTT platforms, is that it may trigger the viewers to order food on the app. Imagine watching one of these films over the weekend at home with your family. The sudden appearance of a Zomato delivery boy with a sizzling pizza is most likely going to make the viewers crave for one.

Before they know it, they will be scrolling through the Zomato app, looking to order pizza from their favourite joint, similar to how soft drink ads work during film intervals in theatres.

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