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Content is definitely king for OOH Media; rolls out nine new content properties

OOH Media has launched new trivia and information based content to keep its viewers engrossed

In a world where media companies are more concerned about ad revenues, OOH Media has taken a step to invest in content creation for its out of home television screens. The company has more than 4,500 screens in more than 22 cities across India and claims to reach out to 50 million people. It operates in three networks - business, leisure and in-store.

With an upward trend in the content space, OOH Media has launched nine new content properties. These come in short and snappy packages of 15-30 second vignettes, providing bits of infotainment to viewers.

Content is definitely king for OOH Media; rolls out nine new content properties
Ashutosh Parekh, national content head, OOH Media, says, "As a part of the OOH content factory, we are constantly reinventing our screens with new properties that often come up from very simple thoughts and the basic need to connect with our audience, one that is always on the move and yet willing to be informed and hoping to be entertained."

These properties include 'Travelogue - Around the World in 80 Weeks', which is a series of 80 packages of 30 seconds each, all set to take the viewers to the 80 best destinations around the world. This is a postcard type montage of the destination, along with trivia and facts about the place.

For the health freaks, 'Calorimeter - Watch What You Eat' calculates the total calorie intake from a combination of two popular food items.

Filmy properties have also been created, including 'Guess Who - A 15-sec Picture Puzzle' that allows viewers to test their knowledge of the celeb world through a jumbled up picture of a well known celebrity. Another property - OOH Star of the Week-Get to Know Your Favorite Star Better! - will have one well known celebrity featured every week, highlighting relatively unknown facts about each.

Content is definitely king for OOH Media; rolls out nine new content properties
Other properties include 'Word Block - Crack This Word', which helps viewers improve their vocabulary; 'Dream Toys - Objects of Desire' where some of the most aspirational objects with over the top prices are profiled; 'Green Horns - Makes the Planet Smile', which discusses, as the name suggests, the environment.

'What's Your Status - Witty One-liners to Make You Look Cool' is a 15 second vignette that provides viewers with a unique application of status updates that will help them make impactful social statements; 'OOH Tech Bait - Keeps You Updated' is a 15 second power packed capsule from the tech world and lastly, one that shows how OOH Media is keeping up with the changing times.

Content is definitely king for OOH Media; rolls out nine new content properties
He shares that since the last two years, the company has rolled out more than 20 properties as part of OOH's content strategy. All the content has been created in-house. He adds, "Our set of visualisers, animators and copy specialists collaborate based on the content vision provided to them. This allows us to build our brand with integrated properties and build flagship characters such as Oohlta-Poohlta into 'OOH-pisodes' or seasons."

Discussing how long OOH Media works on its content, Parekh informs that the process is continuous, much like a TV channel or magazine. The company plans seasonal content such as content specific for the summer holidays or occasions and festivals such as Valentine's Day. In all, new sets of properties from story boarding to the final cut are in the oven for about 10 weeks.

Parekh adds, "Content gives the entire platform a 'sticky' reason to be on the consideration list of media planners, brand managers who want to speak to people like you and me - to make an impact. Interesting content with a well devised programming strategy, backed with in-depth research and study of TG/markets, is a winning combination."

Clients from categories such as financial services, automobiles, FMCG, consumer durables, travel and tourism, retail, education, government, media and entertainment are currently advertising with OOH Media.

They are able to select content from the existing basket and OOH Media can also provide customised solutions, if required. "Revenues and riveting content work for all media, sponsors and audience - the Holy Trinity, as I call it," concludes Parekh.

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