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A big, red shopping bag creates buzz for Westside's sale

Branded Westside shopping bags were placed atop radio cabs and mobile vans, in order to generate excitement around the store's annual sale

There is no doubt that a certain four-letter word is much awaited every season. We're talking about S-A-L-E. But with every store flaunting the same sign, what can a brand do to make its 'sale' more visible? To advertise its '50% Sale', Tata's Westside went for a transit media campaign.

Created by Laqshya Media's agency, OMI (Outdoor Media Integrated), the campaign used models of big, red 'Westside Sale' shopping bags.

A big, red shopping bag creates buzz for Westside's sale
A big, red shopping bag creates buzz for Westside's sale
The 21-day campaign, which kicked off on July 3, ran across six locations, namely, Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad. It employed over 200 outdoor sites, including mobile vans, bus back panels and radio cabs.

Model Westside branded shopping bags were placed atop the light fixtures on 10 Meru cabs in Mumbai. Many more cabs in Mumbai and Delhi also carried the sale communication. At designated times and in specific high-traffic areas, the cabs moved together as a convoy to generate more buzz.

Mobile vans or canters, too, were seen carrying larger-than-life big, red shopping bags with the sale announcement.

The objective of the campaign was to create a stir and ensure high visibility. Uma Talreja, marketing head - Westside, says, "For the Westside Annual Sale, we needed an eye-catching and differentiated outdoor communication plan. OMI executed this requirement well, by using innovations on cabs and mobile vans, paying great attention to planning and details."

Naveen Jalan, assistant general manager, OMI says, "Our idea was to go full blast and create noise, while ensuring that it doesn't get lost in the clutter."

One of the challenges in this campaign was executing an outdoor innovation in the rainy season. However, this idea worked out well eventually.

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