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OOH Media believes in engagement more than interactivity

The content head of the out-of-home TV screen company discusses the idea behind the new baseline; and how engagement is more important than interactivity in the case of outdoor screens

Out-of-Home Media, the outdoor TV screen company, has changed its baseline from 'India's Largest OOH TV Company' to 'Move with your audience'.

OOH Media believes in engagement more than interactivity
OOH Media believes in engagement more than interactivity
The company explains that 'Move with your audience' is simply reaching where the TG is, since people today spend more time out of home and are always on the move.

Ashutosh Parekh, national content head, Out-of-Home Media explains, "We are a medium present in a day of a life of a consumer. So, from dawn to dark and beyond, we are everywhere where our audience is expected to be, including home, office, malls, multiplex, gymnasium, bookstores, lifestyle stores and restaurants. So, as the audience moves from one task to another or one location to another, our screens are there in tandem with the process. The new baseline communicates that in a nutshell."

Also, over the past few years, there have been some key changes in perception, where OOH screens are concerned. This includes respect for the medium and a more serious approach towards it. "It has gone beyond just another TV screen at a public places. New tools, audience packages, content strategies, a creative hotshop and ability to think for brands, to deliver the promise of numbers have catalyzed this change. Gone are the days when a TVC was straitjacket run on our screens," says Parekh, adding that close to 30-40 per cent of their clients are partnering with their content team to devise ad solutions.

On the importance of interactivity on outdoor screens, Parekh thinks that the medium is more about continuous engagement than interactivity. Audience involvement starts with them watching the screen, and eventually being able to connect with what's on it to benefit them and the advertiser. The journey after this is limitless.

OOH Media believes in engagement more than interactivity
While the medium continues to be in the consideration set of every media planner, Parekh thinks the need of the hour is to continuously win as an OOH medium, after which interactivity can be an added benefit.

Also unlike internationally, where a lot of interactivity takes place between audiences and screens; in India, this will take some more time, says the content head, adding, "Change is constant. We are a mobile-savvy country and love anything interactive. But there is a time and place for it all. With consumers shifting the age versus purchase power equilibrium and India being one of the fastest growing countries in terms of internet and mobile users, the fun has just begun."

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