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Tata Photon Plus takes a ride on Meru cabs

As part of an outdoor activity, Meru cabs have been branded with Tata Photon Plus creative; passengers can listen to jingles when getting in and out of the cabs.

Tata Photon Plus, the mobile broadband service from Tata Teleservices, recently launched an on-ground activity in collaboration with Meru cabs in Bengaluru. Executed and coordinated by Atin Promotions and Advertising, a Hyderabad-based out of home (OOH) company, the campaign involves a fleet of 800 Meru cabs travelling the length and breadth of the city.

Tata Photon Plus takes a ride on Meru cabs
Tata Photon Plus takes a ride on Meru cabs
Tata Photon Plus takes a ride on Meru cabs
The cabs have been branded with the Tata Photon Plus advertising creative. Also, a campaign jingle, 'Get Speed, Get Time', is played when a passenger gets inside the cab and the fare meter is turned on. The jingle is repeated when the passenger reaches his/her destination and the bill is generated.

Through this medium, Tata Photon Plus aims to connect with its target group, mainly young urban professionals and frequent flyers.

Talking about the outdoor activity, Sanjeev Khera, regional head, South hub and chief operating officer, Karnataka Circle, Tata Indicom, says, "Branding activities like these catch the customers' attention at one go. With this, we were successful in achieving our target of spreading the message of Tata Photon Plus -- 'Get Speed, Get Time' very effectively."

He adds, "As the Meru cabs have increased substantially over the last few years, and with the heavy traffic conditions on the roads, it was easy for us to provide the cabs with dynamic visibility. As far as our jingle innovation is concerned, the drive time in the cab becomes the best time for us to engage with the customers."

Atin Gupta, partner, Atin Promotions and Advertising, says, "Voice branding inside Meru cabs is one such initiative where our client, Tata Photon, is able to reach high-end customers in a quiet, clutter-free environment twice in a single journey. This has received good response and resulted in good retention among its customers."

Speaking about the impact of the campaign, he adds, "Till now, the branding and jingle have received a phenomenal response from our customers across the Karnataka Circle."

The activity, which started in March, will continue till the middle of May.

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