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Vodafone Super Weeks: Of offers and campaigns that change every week

Vodafone, with its now famous Super Zoozoo, has launched a new offering that changes each week to allow customers to get a feel of its internet services, and has backed it up with an extensive campaign.

It's one thing for an FMCG brand to get customers to sample its offerings, but how does a telecom brand do this? Simple. Telecom major Vodafone has rolled out the 'Vodafone Super Weeks' offering that brings different mobile internet services to its 2G and 3G users for free, each week.

To promote this Super Weeks Offer that kicked off on April 16 and will run through the entire IPL (Indian Premier League) 2011 season, until May 28, Vodafone has launched an outdoor campaign that changes every week with the offer. The advertising campaign, which features 'Super Zoozoo', will have various unique outdoor campaigns that will amplify the weekly benefits.

Vodafone Super Weeks: Of offers and campaigns that change every week
Vodafone Super Weeks: Of offers and campaigns that change every week
The first week of the offer ending April 22, saw Vodafone offer its customers free social networking, by which they could connect with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Orkut. In fact, prior to the offer launch, a television commercial was aired that asked customers to guess what is going to be offered in the coming days.

The commercial showed Super Zoozoo performing push-ups, with the help of just a finger.

The next week, that is, April 23-29 was the 'Gaming Super Week' that encouraged mobile gaming by allowing subscribers to download some of the popular games for free on their mobile phones. The outdoor for this was a 'live hoarding' that had a man standing on it and dunking a basketball through a basket installed on the hoarding. This was done at Babulnath, in Mumbai, during peak traffic hours.

On the innovation, Rohit Adya, chief executive officer, Vodafone Essar-Mumbai, says, "The outdoor medium in Mumbai served as the right platform to display the true gaming spirit. Nothing could have been more compelling in this regard than a real game of basketball on a billboard."

The current week's offer allows customers to try Yahoo! Mail and Gmail on their phones, for free. To promote this, bus shelters feature Super Zoozoo flinging multiple envelopes, to symbolise instant and quick e-mailing.

While the rest of the campaign is still under wraps, Vodafone is working with its agency Ogilvy to create unique, innovative ideas for each week, as the Super Weeks campaign reveals itself week after week. After all, after social networking, gaming and email, only Super Zoozoo knows what follows next!

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