Surina Sayal

Fanta's building wrap tells an orangey story

A 3D wrap on a commercial building in Chennai's Nungambakkam area creates a buzz in one of Fanta's bigger markets.

With the sweltering summer on in full swing, beverage brands are out and about, trying to draw in and bring respite to thirsty consumers with their campaigns.

Taking Fanta's latest television commercial outdoors, creative agency Encyclomedia Networks has rolled out a building wrap innovation in Chennai that features Fanta's characters -- better known as the 'Fanta Crew'.

Fanta's building wrap tells an orangey story
Five surfaces of the commercial office building, Ameer Plaza in Nungambakkam, Chennai, have been wrapped up in such a way with 3D creatives that a bright orange visual story is continued across all of them.

The catchy 'Nazar phiki chashma colourful, dhuniya dikhe orangey wonderful' ad has been translated to the building wrap. Mukesh Manik, man-in-charge, Encyclomedia Networks, says, "When we acquired the site and saw the photos of the media, we requested the client to allow us to come up with a custom creative for this location that would allow us to make five different designs for the five surfaces in such a way that they tell a story. Thus, they seem like they are part of one canvas."

One of the higher surfaces of the building carries the Fanta logo and the tagline in Tamil, with a shadow effect to make it seem as if even the words and the logo are three-dimensional.

Discussing the creative idea, he adds, "Since the 'Fanta Crew' is all about fun and being lively, we used their personalities to create an environment that is full of activity and playfulness. Each design, on each side of the building, was crafted with precision since the continuity between them needed to be very accurate to give the desired effect."

A challenge in creating this, Manik says, was that they had to measure and re-measure all the surfaces to make the design exactly as per the dimensions.

The purpose of rolling out this campaign here was that the South is a very strong market for Fanta. The outdoor campaign is currently running across other cities in Tamil Nadu. However, since most large outdoor media formats such as billboards are unavailable in Chennai, the agency felt that wrapping a building would give the brand the size that it needed to stand out.

The wrap went up on May 3 and will be up for a month. Judging by the positive initial reaction, it could be extended for a longer duration.

This innovation has only been carried out at one location. However, Manik adds, "We are more than happy to make new designs for other sites like this in the future, which will be unique to those locations."

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