Surina Sayal

L&T Finance Holdings launches IPO at NSE with an innovative 'touch'

Brand Box created an event around the launch and achieved a first by launching an event within the National Stock Exchange premises.

How does one launch an IPO (initial public offering) differently? Brand Box, the Mumbai-based event management company, recently created an innovative IPO launch for L&T Finance Holdings, a subsidiary of engineering and construction company Larsen and Toubro (L&T). This was done at the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and was a first as such an event has never been carried out inside the NSE.

L&T Finance Holdings launches IPO at NSE with an innovative 'touch'
The event used modern technology, where a touch screen LED idea was conceptualised and executed. A live screening of the countdown to the launch was displayed on the larger-than-life LED screen.

The L&T Finance Holdings logo was hidden behind different 'colours of hope'. Delegates were invited on stage and asked to touch a colour. As they touched different colours on the screen, these disappeared to reveal parts of the logo - thereby unfolding the direction to achieve that hope, 'Asha Ko Disha Denge Hum' being the tagline.

Once all the colours were touched, the large screen revealed the entire logo. The top management of L&T Finance Holdings, including chairperson and managing director A M Naik, were present and were involved in the unveiling.

L&T Finance Holdings launches IPO at NSE with an innovative 'touch'
Another first was the live web casting of the entire event on the NSE website.

The idea was to create an impactful and innovative concept to amplify the launch. The brief given to Brand Box was simple, yet challenging. The entire top brass of the company would be present for this historic occasion, and thus, the event had to be meticulously planned, but within less than 72 hours. The concept needed to be impactful and innovative, creating the desired hype around the IPO.

Sheetal Saliya, director, strategic planning, Brand Box, says, "Despite multiple operational challenges involving software development, authority coordination and much-crunched timelines, the team was able to put across the entire piece within the stipulated timeframe and carry out a successful event."

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