Nandana Das

Back to the woods for Woodland

The footwear and apparel brand has constructed a hoarding which has the picture of a human face showing the grey matter inside the brain in the form of a Woodland shoe.

As a part of its CSR initiative Proplanet, footwear and apparel brand Woodland has carried out a billboard campaign which aims to propagate the importance of eco-consciousness and draw attention to its eco-friendly offering.

The campaign involves a beige-coloured, 26 feet X 13 feet hoarding, which has the picture of a human face showing the grey matter inside the brain in the form of a Woodland shoe. The grey matter has extensions in the form of real shrubs and artificial leaves, which sprout from the 'brain' to give a three-dimensional effect.

Back to the woods for Woodland
'Think Proplanet' has been inscribed in brown on the hoarding, along with 'Introducing environment-friendly shoes' just below it. The hoarding is constructed on an iron frame, which is pasted on the sunboard. The sunboard, in turn, is pasted with a self-adhesive vinyl (SAV). The words 'Proplanet' and 'Woodland' are also inscribed on the billboard, which uses normal front-lit flex.

Woodland is trying to market and showcase its eco-friendly shoes through an ongoing, month-long activity. The aim of this outdoor campaign is to propagate the idea of 'Proplanet', that is, 'think green'.

The creative for the activity has been designed by Karishma Advertising, a part of Lowe Lintas, and executed by out of home (OOH) agency, Aaren Initiative.

The idea for the activity cropped up after various rounds of brainstorming sessions. Initially, Woodland called for ideas from the creative agency that showcased and highlighted its positioning towards Proplanet. The ideation session with Aaren Initiative lead to the concept of using the green cover in Delhi, with some natural green foliage as the platform to talk about the positioning.

Planning and executing the billboard advertising involved several challenges. Gaurav Chhibber, business head, North, Aaren Initiative, explains, "Multiple rounds of creative improvisations, three-four weeks of planning, and five days of hard work on the site, made the entire innovation possible."

He adds, "OOH as a medium works best if used as a canvas to talk about a product, service or positioning. Plants coming out from the top to make the billboard interesting, and at the same time, eye grabbing."

For the record, the concept of the initiative is an extension of Woodland's philosophy of green environment. Woodland's Proplanet is a community committed to make the earth a better place to live in.

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