Nandana Das

Increase your wealth the mutual fund way

Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company's campaign aims to create greater awareness about the mutual funds industry, and to promote mutual fund investment as an effective investment tool.

Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company (BSLAMC) has launched a unique investor education campaign named Khushaali ki Gaadi, to create awareness amongst investors about the importance of mutual funds (MF), which can help beat inflation and help grow their savings steadily. It aims to reach an audience of investors who use traditional saving instruments.

Increase your wealth the mutual fund way
The Khushaali ki Gaadi campaign has rolled out vans with Birla Sun Life Asset's creative and company promoters to travel to different parts of the cities, and visit selected spots with high footfalls like malls, parks, and offices. Company promoters talk to people about the importance of investing in MFs for a secured future, and resolve queries of interested investors, to help them take well-informed decisions, and choose the right kind of investment option.

The company has also arranged street plays which revolve around topics related to the importance of saving money for the future by investing in mutual funds. Finance-related messages through SMSes and radio are also being used to create awareness about the same initiative.

The campaign which was launched last week, will continue until the second week of November, and some activities will stretch through the first week of January. The campaign is on in Mumbai, Kolhapur and Ahmedabad; it will reach out to a wide audience to re-emphasise the importance of mutual fund investments.

Talking about the launch, A Balasubramanian, chief executive officer, BSLAMC, says, "By enhancing the knowledge of investors about various investment vehicles, the campaign will enable them to choose investment options that best suit their financial needs and enhance wealth creation. The aim of this campaign is to drive financial awareness in the country and educate people about the mutual fund opportunity available to them."

Balasubramanian further explains, "We believe that the Indian mutual funds industry has a huge potential for growth. The impediment so far has been the lack of awareness among people about the benefits that they can derive from investing in mutual funds."

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