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Kids the new pin-up models

With a view to connect with consumers directly, ice-cream brand Vadilal will make 20,000 wall and table calendars, with pictures of children eating ice-cream.

To mark the start of 2012, ice-cream brand Vadilal has launched a new consumer-outreach initiative, as per which it will create 20,000 wall and table calendars for 2012. Moving away from the conventional tactic of using celebrities for promotions, the company will instead feature kids in the calendar.

Kids the new pin-up models
Vadilal has invested Rs 15 lakh in the campaign, which officially started in November, and will continue until December.

Devanshu Gandhi, managing director, Vadilal Industries, elaborates on the strategy used for the campaign, "Children and ice-creams have always shared a special relationship. The sweetness of a child's innocence and glee is a perfect reflection of the sweetness of Vadilal ice-creams. Blending the sweetness of a child's smile with that of our ice creams makes perfect sense for our campaign, since children are a major target group for ice creams. And, since a calendar is a suitable gift for the New Year, we have opted for this initiative."

Kids the new pin-up models
The kids to be featured in the calendar were chosen through a contest 'Freeze the Moment'. As part of the contest, the company had asked for submission of photographs that showed children within the age group of 5-10 years enjoying their favourite ice-cream. Vadilal used Facebook and newspaper advertisements to reach out to the consumers. Over 1,000 entries were received from all over India, mostly from Delhi, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The company has already shortlisted 20 kids, of which 12 will be featured on the calendar.

"Consumer connect initiatives such as the 'Freeze the Moment' campaign help in keeping the brand alive in the consumers' mind, even after they finish eating their ice-cream. Ice-cream, as a category, is a low-involvement product, and thereby, such initiatives help in brand reinforcement and consolidation," adds Gandhi.

The calendars will be available at all Vadilal's 'Happinezz' outlets and vendor retail points. In addition, the company will also gift the calendars to all contest participants, and the 12 winners will receive cash awards, as well.

The ice-cream brand claims that due to the phenomenal response it received this year, it has decided to continue with this campaign next year, as well.

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