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Tata Docomo shows off network strength

MOMS created a 40 X 43 feet innovative billboard using LED lights to highlight Tata Docomo's network strength; the innovation is backed by an outdoor campaign in different creatives across Bengaluru.

Tata Docomo shows off network strength
Tata Docomo shows off network strength
In a bid to showcase Tata Docomo's high network coverage in Bengaluru, MOMS, the outdoor unit of Madison World, has created an outdoor innovation backed by LED (light-emitting diodes) lights. The innovation, which started in December 2011, was to be on for a month, but in view of the impact it has created, it will now continue.

The client brief was to emphasise on the high network coverage of Tata Docomo in Bengaluru city, and to highlight the number of towers in Bengaluru which ensure continuous connectivity of the network.

Since the concept of the innovation was to highlight Tata Docomo's network strength which is supported by a number of network towers across the city, the agency created a 40 X 43 feet billboard using LED lights, wherein each LED light refers to each network tower. The LED lights illuminate zone wise -- east, south, west and north, and then all the zones light up together to show the network strength. The copy on the hoarding reads 'No one covers Bengaluru like we do'.

Tata Docomo shows off network strength
The innovation has been placed at the busy Hosur road, which gets traffic from Residency Road, Bengaluru.

The innovation was further supported by an outdoor campaign across the city with specific creatives made for each billboard mentioning the network coverage in the area where the billboard is located. For instance, if the billboard is placed at Richmond Road, then the message on the creative reads 'Richmond Road or St Marks Road, catch us everywhere.'

Since the number of towers was more than 500, each LED needed to be installed at the exact location of the network coverage. Dipankar Sanyal, chief operating officer, MOMS, says, "The campaign was about network. The challenge was to communicate visually in a very simple manner. But, when you deal with a client like Tata Docomo, which lays a lot of stress on innovation, we have to come up with new ideas. Having said that, you will find almost all campaigns from the MOMS stable have a distinct mark of differentiation."

The entire process, right from idea generation to its completion, took three days.