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Tata Docomo fits everything in the store

The 30X15 feet innovative billboard uses the upper part of a car outlined with LED lights, with suitcases stacked on it. The innovation describes the theme of the stores, 'Fitting an entire life in a store'.

Tata Docomo fits everything in the store
Tata Docomo has launched its stores, based on the theme 'Fitting an entire life in a store', in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The theme highlights that the telecom operator has moved beyond just making phone calls, and now fits in everything in the mobile, starting from surfing the net to chatting and paying bills.

To create awareness and hype around the newly launched stores, two innovations depicting the theme have been executed in Bhopal and Raipur. Each innovation comprises the upper part of an actual car mounted on a 30X15 feet billboard, with real suitcases stacked on it, depicting that everything fits in the Tata Docomo store. The car is outlined with white LED lights to make it glow during the night, offering good visibility. The billboards also carry the message, 'We've fit your life in a store, the new Tata Docomo brand store - 99 % life, 1 % talk'.

Tata Docomo fits everything in the store
Tata Docomo fits everything in the store

The innovation executed by out of home agency Milestone Brandcom aims to convey that Tata Docomo life is much more than just talking and it understands the various expectations of its customers to fit their life in a store.

Somdev Sen, head, marketing, Tata Docomo Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh (MP&CG), says, "People buy newspapers to read news and tune in to radio for music, or watch television for news and entertainment - hence advertising is looked upon as an interruption. Outdoor is the only medium where advertising is not an interruption but a welcome platform for information dissemination."

Imtiyaz Vilatra, founder member and managing partner, Milestone Brandcom, says, "The communication objective was to generate maximum footfalls to the store and urge the audiences to live the dynamic world. The strategy adopted was that of location branding, by being present within a kilometre radius of the stores to announce the arrival of Tata Docomo in the consumers' neighbourhood."

The main challenge was to source a car body, cut it, paint it afresh and ensure that the actual car on the hoarding gets good attention.

The innovation was executed during the third week of March and will continue for one month.

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