Jhumur Nandi

MTS displays world of connectivity

The 30 feet X 15 feet billboard is based on the idea of connecting with the world through MBlaze Ultra. The billboard showcases cut-outs of a dongle, a globe and the network strength symbol, back-lit by LED lights.

Internet is one of the easiest modes to stay in touch with the world. MTS has highlighted this idea over a 30 feet X 15 feet billboard on Gaurav Tower Flyover, J L N Marg in Jaipur, where it has displayed connectivity with the world through the MBlaze Ultra.

MTS displays world of connectivity
The billboard displays cut-outs of the MTS dongle and a globe. The 'connectivity' is shown by the bars of the network strength symbol in between these two. All the three elements in the billboard are back-lit by LED lights. The globe consists of small icons of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, blinking randomly to represent the punch line, "See the internet world in a new light".

Speaking on the brief given to the agency, Sandeep Yadav, COO, Rajasthan Circle, MTS India, shares, "Our brief to the agency was simple - to showcase the power of MBlaze Ultra lighting the internet universe and also focus on the power of connectivity using social media. MBlaze Ultra is a premium category product. Hence it needed a distinct approach in terms of creativity representing a complete solution for all internet needs."

The major challenge while executing the billboard was to display the complete innovation to the public in a time frame of only three-four seconds. Hence, it was a key task to set the timer of icons flashing one after another within the available slot.

The outdoor innovation is executed by N S Publicity, while the creative agency for the campaign is Rediffusion-Y&R. The company plans to extend similar innovations across the state.