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Fem presents bubbling billboard

The 3D Oxylife pack is separately attached to the billboard and continuously releases bubbles with the help of a special mechanism, emphasizing the benefits of oxygen for skin health.

Oxygen is important for healthy skin and the same is conveyed through an innovative billboard installed at NH 24 Triangle in Delhi. The innovation, executed by out of home agency JCDecaux, promotes Oxylife bleach, a part of the Fem range of products from Dabur.

Fem presents bubbling billboard
The 10X8 feet billboard has real bubbles originating from a three-dimensional pack of Oxylife separately attached to the billboard. The floating bubbles emphasize the product benefits and also create interest.

The bubbles are created with the help of a special mechanism installed on the outdoor panel, which continuously releases bubbles from the 3D pack of Oxylife, adding dynamism to the static display. The background of the billboard features an image of a model with Oxylife's tagline, 'Flawless Fair Skin, The Oxygen Effect'.

The bubbles coming out of the display billboard draw attention and help create top of the mind recall for the brand.

Rakesh Endlaw, chief executive officer, Adbur (the in house ad agency of Dabur), says, "The 'Oxygen Effect' message was difficult to deliver in a striking manner through a staid outdoor display. The idea of oxygen bubbles emanating from a 3D pack of Oxylife was effectively translated to action by the technical team of JCDecaux. The display delivered an astounding recall and excellent association with brand properties."

Dipankar Chatterjee, chief operation officer, street furniture, JCDecaux India, says, "This is the first of its kind innovation and we are excited to be working with such a reputed brand. JCDecaux provides effective reach through its pan city presence and delivers high impact through innovations."

The challenges faced while executing the innovation was to fix the 3D box with the panel and set the timer to release the bubbles continuously.

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