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9X Jalwa flaunts Ambassador for engagement

The music channel offering of 9X Media has parked a branded car at a premium mall in Mumbai.

Cars on display are a common sight inside malls, mostly newly launched brands that offer experiential marketing, or imported varieties like a Ferrari or Lamborghini for aspirational effect. So, what is an Ambassador doing, parked right in the middle of the Oberoi mall in Mumbai, from August 15 onwards?

9X Jalwa flaunts Ambassador for engagement
9X Jalwa flaunts Ambassador for engagement
9X Jalwa flaunts Ambassador for engagement
The car, painted with scenes from popular movies from the '90s, was put up by 9X Jalwa to engage visitors. The insight behind using the Ambassador car is that it is no longer as common as it once was on Indian roads and so will definitely catch attention.

Kapil Sharma, vice-president, marketing, 9X Media Network, says, "The decorated ambassador will provide a coolness quotient to the visitors as it is associated with novelty. Though the car is not seen much on the roads these days, it formed an integral part of the Bollywood movies in the past."

The channel has also placed an eight-feet popcorn unit with a television screen that plays Jalwa music. The popcorn unit has also been branded like the car. Sharma adds that popcorn and movies go hand in hand, and so a popcorn unit was the right choice.

9X Jalwa-branded television screen cut outs have also been placed at the location and people can come and get their photographs clicked at these.

Sharma says that the activity simply aims to increase engagement with the people as the footfall is high in this mall.

9X Jalwa has put up several billboards near the mall and is also promoting the activity via its Facebook page. It also released an ad in the HT City on August 14 and is running 9X Jalwa slides during cinema shows at the PVR theatre in the Oberoi mall. As a part of the partnership with the Oberoi mall authorities, the activity is also being promoted through the Facebook page of the mall.

Speaking to afaqs!, Sharma adds that the return on investment for this activity will be measured by the average footfall to the Ambassador and the popcorn unit, and the number of people who take photographs and share them online. The activity will continue till August 25.

9X Media was launched in 2009 and in less than four years, has grown to five channels. The network has carried out several campaigns in the past, including tie ups with Cinemax, Instagram and others to connect with the right audience. Jalwa was launched in 2012.

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