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Dr. Fixit: Rain check

The waterproofing brand is intelligently using Mumbai's auto rickshaws to convey its message.

The Pidilite Industries-owned waterproofing brand, Dr. Fixit, has come up with an interesting outdoor advertisement during the monsoon, where it has branded auto rickshaw flaps with the message, 'Paani Roke '.

Dr. Fixit: Rain check
The message is accompanied by the image of Dr Fixit beneath it to strengthen the communication. Madison Outdoor has done the innovation.

The idea behind the execution was that the auto rickshaw's flap protects water from coming in. So our idea behind the messaging is 'Paani ko Andar Ghusne Na De'. The agency has branded over 1,000 auto rickshaws across the western suburbs of the city with a call-to-action SMS number.

Ashish Prasad, president, sales and marketing, construction chemicals division, Pidilite Industries, says, "We are creating awareness amongst consumers about the necessity of waterproofing their homes. The 'auto rickshaw' campaign is simple and focused on strengthening the brand positioning that Dr. Fixit=Waterproofing."

Dipankar Sanyal, COO, MOMS, says, "Just as Dr. Fixit protects homes from leakage, the auto rickshaw flaps protects passengers from rainwater splashing inside." Pidilite Industries has a product range that includes adhesives and sealants, construction and paint chemicals, automotive chemicals, art materials, industrial adhesives, industrial and textile resins and organic pigments and preparations.

Most of the products have been developed through strong in-house R&D.

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