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OLX's Freedom Bike

The brand has launched 'The Freedom Bike', a 12-feet-long motorcycle art installation made entirely of vintage items.

OLX recently unveiled 'The Freedom Bike', a 12-feet-long motorcycle art installation made entirely of vintage items that the company collected during a 50-day ride across the country, which started in May 2014.

Titled 'The Great India Collectors' Ride, the journey went across 45 cities and towns and covered over 10,000 km, in search of the most unique items from across India. The riders met hundreds of collectors and picked out the most unique items from their collections that they had put up for sale on OLX.

OLX's Freedom Bike
OLX's Freedom Bike

Among the items they collected during the ride and used for the bike were a 100-year-old royal Paan Daan from Lucknow; a 70-year-old Esraj musical instrument from a 90-year-old collector in Kolkata; a 60-year-old railway lamp from Udaipur from a sixth generation antique collector; a 26-year-old saddle from a royal family in Jaipur; a sextant and a compass from Bhavnagar; a Hermes portable typewriter from a collector in Hyderabad; an old gramophone from a collector in Kolkata; a model car from an auto-engineer in Chennai who has a collection of 200 cars; a 1942 Triumph Motorcycle fuel tank from Krishnagiri and a wheel clock from an actress in Bangalore.

Each of the items was put together to give life to the first-of-its-kind motorcycle art installation, unveiled in Delhi in the presence of leading motorcycle communities, artists, media, film and television actors and popular music band Indian Ocean.

Amarjit Batra, CEO,, says, "As the largest free classified portal in India, OLX has given people freedom from middlemen and the freedom to sell and buy at the price, place, and time of their choice. The OLX Freedom Bike is symbolic of this freedom, and of the value of used goods. OLX is the largest marketplace for used motorcycles in India, and the default destination for those who want to sell and buy collectible and vintage items. Through this initiative we have shared the extraordinary stories and collections of these ordinary people."

The Great India Collectors Ride was done in association with xBhp, India's largest motorcycling community. Delhi-based designers Gautam and Prateek created the 12-feet-long and 7-feet-high bike from scratch.

The creative piece of art uses collectible and vintage items in the most imaginative ways - a railway lamp as the headlight, a gramophone as the silencer, a lamp as the brake light, a Charkha and voice recorder as the engine, and a typewriter as number plate.