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Earth Day, the OOH way

Several brands took to OOH advertising to promote Earth Day and spread the message of protecting the environment.

Lotus Greens and IORA Ecological Solutions recently concluded OOH campaigns aimed at promoting Earth Day. Executed by Times OOH, the campaigns were visible on the DND Flyway which witnesses huge traffic on a daily basis. Both campaigns used static display mediums.

IORA Ecological Solutions ran the campaign for seven days between April 22 and April 29, while Lotus Greens ran it for five days between April 19 and April 24.

Earth Day, the OOH way

Lotus Greens wanted to promote Earth Day by strategically utilising the long-term sites, as the brand claims to be committed to developing sustainable communities to secure a brighter tomorrow for everyone.

Earth Day, the OOH way

IORA's aim was to highlight the importance of forests – the campaign highlighted that forests are culture, forests are biodiversity, forests are water and forests are food. The creatives depicted the essence of our ecosystem and carried the ethos of our survival.

Swapan Mehra, CEO of IORA Ecological Solutions, says, "'Forests are life' campaign drives home the message that our survival is intricately linked to the resources that forests provide to us. Devising innovative tools for conservation and management of our forest resources, and ensuring the livelihoods of communities who directly depend on them is a significant focus of the work we do with Forest-PLUS program, that launched this campaign, an implementation partner to the USAID Forest-PLUS program. Our Corporate Forest Responsibility initiative and India Forest Portal are part of an integrated approach to engage different sectors of our society in forest conservation."

Chhaya Bhanti, founder, Vertiver, the creative agency that conceptualised and designed the campaign, says, "The graphics in this campaign depict life in forests across ecosystems, biodiversity, livelihoods and culture, through folk art. We chose this hand-painted style to communicate the vital link between our culture and our forests, and to celebrate the forest-dependent communities who play a significant role in the health of our forests."

Brijesh Bhanote, director, sales and marketing, Lotus Greens, says, "We, at Lotus Greens, tend to reflect our vision of creating a brighter tomorrow through every activity, be it construction in a sustainable manner, suggesting buyers to choose eco-friendly options or any other action. Likewise, this campaign is an initiative at the grass-root level to encourage people to celebrate Earth Day and feel good by planting seeds for a better and green future. Also, continuing a very basic tradition, that when we take something from Mother Earth, we must give her something back."

Aman Nanda, EVP, head strategy, business development and technology, Times OOH, says, "We, at Times OOH, take pride to be associated with IORA Ecological Solutions and Lotus Greens for spreading awareness about environment conservation. As a responsible corporate citizen, Times OOH has also adopted eco-friendly technologies to reduce energy consumption at our properties and actively striving to reduce waste material. It is this strong integration of values that comes out in these campaigns, like giving back to Mother Earth through planting trees and the diverse services that forests provide to sustain life. They truly drive home the point that the relationship that we have with nature is a delicate one. We must nurture it and always be willing to give back."

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