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Apple takes a not-so-subtle dig at Google in these billboard ads...

And, the ground being, of course, the much-debated privacy and security loopholes of user data.

Privacy issues are something that the world's two largest tech companies (among others) have been trying to deal with for the longest time, albeit on their own terms.

The Apple-Google feud is in full swing with no signs of slowing down, it would seem.

Apple takes a not-so-subtle dig at Google in these billboard ads...
Image source: Forbes

As reported in a TOI article.

Apple put up two new billboards in Canada and one of them happens to be right in front of a Google office. The billboard in question is positioned right outside Sidewalk Labs, owned by Google's parent company, Alphabet.

Google's infamous software glitch that led to exposing the names, email addresses, ages, and other personal information of 52.5 million Google Plus users, went on to make headlines in November last year for all the wrong reasons.

The giant billboard in downtown Toronto states - "We're in the business of staying out of yours. Privacy. That's iPhone." It's easy to get the subtle (or not so subtle) drift here. The effort is another attempt to highlight Apple's endeavour of keeping its user data safe and private while taking a jab at the competition.

The second billboard stating - "Privacy is king." – is placed on King Street, Toronto and echoes a similar attempt made by Apple during mega tech event, CES 2019 (January). The iPhone-maker played that one out with a pretty slick line - 'What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone'. It makes you think about that old American saying – What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. It's also extremely apt for the tech giant, especially since CES is held in Las Vegas each year.

However, we can't help but wonder what Google's retaliatory move is going to be as the latter is yet to respond to the incident. Is it the calm before the proverbial ad-storm? Perhaps. Let's wait and see.