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iTAP partners with OTTplay Premium

Users to get a bundled package that includes iTap with additional OTT platforms/features.

The streaming platform for independent content- iTAP has announced an exciting partnership with OTTplay Premium to offer curated subscription plans tailored to cater to a diverse audience at a special price. The aggregation platform includes a compelling selection of Hindi, English, and South Indian OTT streamers, making it a favorite among discerning viewers. This partnership will also encompass marketing and distribution initiatives, with OTTplay Premium leveraging its large subscriber base to promote and distribute iTAP's diverse range of content.

Haroon Shergill, CMO of iTAP, said : “This partnership marks a significant milestone for iTAP as it will help us to bring our unique content to a wider audience via OTTplay Premium's extensive consumer base and facilitate mutually benefitting co-branding activities with zero-cost marketing. We are excited to witness the mutual growth and success this synergy will bring."

The inclusion of iTAP's exclusive content will further enrich the viewing experience for users of OTTplay Premium. The association will redefine the digital entertainment landscape, bringing unparalleled content diversity to millions of users.

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