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PCI urges newspapers to double-check employment and recruitment ads: Report

It mandates media to follow Journalistic Conduct norms and verify ad authenticity to safeguard vulnerable unemployed youth from fraudsters.

The Press Council of India (PCI) has ordered publications to double-check the credentials of a company posting employment adverts in an effort to protect young people from scammers. The PCI recommended print media to follow the Norms of Journalistic Conduct while publishing job-related adverts .

"Print Media should cross check the credentials of the company/organisation/ institution/person and carry out proper verification to establish their bona fides before booking advertisements of employment by private companies or under government or semi government schemes or programs in order to protect the vulnerable unemployed youth from fraudsters," the PCI stated, citing the Norms for Journalistic Conduct for Journalists.

Additionally, it requested that newspapers implement appropriate booking policies for misleading advertisements. Previously, the print media was asked by the PCI not to publish any information on the consecration of the Ram temple that may be construed as "false or manipulated or has the potential to disturb communal harmony or public order".

Following the consecration on January 22, the information and broadcasting ministry "observed that certain unverified, provocative and fake messages are being spread," The PCI had stated, "This was despite the ministry issuing an advisory on January 20 instructing media."

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