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Baba Sehgal loves CRED and wants bread; his audition tape for the app

"My audition tape for CRED. Hope you guys are still looking," wrote Baba on Twitter.

Harjeet Singh urf Baba Sehgal, one of India’s most popular rappers has sent his audition tape for CRED, the app which rewards you for paying your credit card bills.

Why did he do this? It’s simple. Over the last three weeks, since the Dream11 IPL started in the UAE, CRED ran its campaign featuring stars Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, and Bappi Lahiri.

All three stars auditioned for a CRED commercial: Kapoor and Dixit danced while Lahiri crooned. Unfortunately, all three were rejected. The three-ad campaign has been a stellar success (it’s still running on TV) and the open slots must have prompted Baba Sehgal to take a shot.

And little did the audition song disappoint, or not, it depends on how you take it. For instance, read this line from the song, “If you go red then download CRED, I love it. Ohh, Baby, I want a bread…” True to Baba style the video posted on Twitter has become a hit with over 2K likes and 160 retweets. The caption reads, “My audition tape for CRED Hope you guys are still looking”

Right from the double Baba Sehgals to the quirky yet catchy lyrics, such is the appeal of Baba that even CRED’s found Kunal Shah responded to the Twitter post with only a single word ‘Ded’. You can never guess if Shah decides to extend his three-ad campaign.

In March this year, Sehgal released a song “NAMASTE - CoronaVirus sey bachney ka Indian Tareeka” and the lyrics went, “Don’t go after Bakri Cow, Dal Sabzi Jyaada Khao, Bheed Bhaad mein Kam Jao, Trim ho Jao, Gym Jao”.

It’s not the only time Baba’s songs took us by storm, here are two more gems.