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'BBC dad' Robert Kelly returns in an ad for Twitter

He gained global popularity in 2017 after his kids and his wife crashed his BBC interview.

Do you remember Professor Robert Kelly? Maybe not. Do you remember that clip where a young girl walks into a room like a boss soon followed by her baby brother and mom while her father is being interviewed by the BBC on South Korean policy? Got you.

The video, uploaded by the BBC became a global sensation clocking in over 40 million views; some say it was a glimpse of what life would become three years later.

Twitter decided to tap into Kelly’s experience in ‘interruption’ and featured him in an ad about its latest features. The social media platform said, “As someone who knows something about interruptions, we asked #BBCdad Robert_E_Kelly to help us talk about Twitter’s conversation settings, which give brands more control over the conversations they start.”

In the ad, he says he knows a thing or two about interruptions and with the latest features, one can “… keep out the noisemakers.” The new feature allows everybody on Twitter to choose who can reply to their Tweets.