Benita Chacko
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Biryani beats its last year’s record on Zomato - up from 22 deliveries to 120 deliveries per minute

The food delivery app received its biggest order from someone in Ahmedabad, worth Rs 33,000.

Samosas may have knocked off chicken biryani as the most ordered item on Swiggy, but it still retains its position as the top dish on rival food delivery app Zomato. While the rice preparation was the most ordered last year as well, it has witnessed a tremendous rise in popularity. From 22 deliveries every minute last year, it has grown to 120 per minute this year.

Meanwhile samosa (over 30 lakh orders) and vada pav (70 lakh-plus orders) fought a tough battle, only to lose to the humble momos (over one crore orders).

Zomato presented its annual ‘How India Ordered Report’ the way it knows best - through fun memes on social media. Though the report is a data sheet sprinkled with figures, there’s not a single dull moment, thanks to the memes.

It is not just a report on the food ordered, but also on the noteworthy memes of the year. There are all kinds of references - from the evergreen ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal to the ‘pawri ho rahi hai’ meme.

A slide with a Zoom call background reminds us of the day when #ShwetaYourMicIsOn was trending. A person named Shweta ordered 12 ice creams in a single day. Through a Vicky-Katrina wedding invite look-alike, we are told that paneer butter masala and butter naan are 2021’s most popular couple, and not the Bollywood celebs. They were ordered together over one million times.

The report presents some interesting figures. For example, over 10 lakh people ordered food on the app during the iconic India-Pakistan match that we lost. Zomato received its biggest order from someone in Ahmedabad, worth Rs 33,000. And, Tushar from Delhi ordered 389 pizzas. Honey Katiyal tipped the delivery partners on 1,250 orders and Pritee placed the most (1,907) orders.

Shedding light on its Pro subscriptions, Zomato claims that it has more than one million Pro members, who have saved Rs 2.5 billion.

It also has a blaring discrepancy. While it has received over 10 million (one crore-plus) momo orders, it states that the dosa is the second-most ordered dish, ordered over eight million times.

Last year's report revealed that 414 people searched for 'bat soup' on the Zomato app.