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Brands come together to appreciate Cadbury Dairy Milk's new 'Kuch Khaas Hai' ad

Dunzo, Sony Sports, Mumbai Indians were among the brands who came together to appreciate Cadbury Dairy Milk's revamped ad.

When Mondelez India launched a revamped version of their iconic 'dancing girl' ad, social media went into a tizzy. The original ad showed a woman eating Dairy Milk, praying as her cricketer friend is playing, on the verge of a century. The revamped ad shows a woman cricketer on the pitch, batting while her male friend waits anxiously with the other spectators.

The original ad was launched with the intent of positioning Cadbury Dairy Milk as a delicacy that adults could also consume. While women in ads at the time were prim and proper, it was the first time we saw a woman dancing with reckless, celebratory abandon.

Some brands decided to join the conversation and congratulate Cadbury Dairy Milk and Mondelez for making such a progressive campaign. The ad was seen as striking a balance between nostalgia and being woke in the right measure and here are some of the tributes that brands paid to the new ad on Twitter.

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