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Amul, Dabur, Zomato pun on Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Coca-Cola move’ on social

Multiple brands took the opportunity to make puns, and push their own products while referencing the Ronaldo incident.

When footballer Cristiano Ronaldo moved a couple of Coca-Cola bottles off screen, he ended up grabbing headlines both personally and for the company. Coca-Cola lost nearly $4 billion in market share and its share price fell too.

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The meet was after the UEFA Euro 2020 match between Portugal and Hungary. Ronaldo – who is the captain of Portugal’s national football team – held up a bottle of water and mouthed the word ‘agua’, which is Portuguese for water.

Back home, Indian brands couldn’t help take a cheeky dig at what happened at the UEFA Euro 2020 press conference. On social media, brands referenced the event, finding a way to talk about their own products. The moment marketing trend was started by Fevicol and now different consumer brands have jumped on the bandwagon too. Take a look below -