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Brands take to Instagram to talk about how much they miss Instagram

Users are not happy with the app's new update.

Two of Instagram's most influential users - Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian used their social media platforms to voice their opinions about Instagram. "Make Instagram Instagram Again", read the post that the sisters shared on their stories. The post was by photographer and influencer Tati Bruening.

Closer home in India, the update hasn't rolled out yet, but Indian brands have been quick to join the conversation. Zomato began with a rant - that creating reels required skills that the manager hadn't been hired for.

Delivery app Dunzo also chimed in, with a Bollywood reference. It posted a screenshot from the movie Munnabhai MBBS, in which the main character - Sanjay Dutt, is pictured telling his friend that she had changed a lot.

Swiggy posted a nostalgic throwback - reminding users of how Instagram used to look in 2012.

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