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Comedian Varun Grover implores brands not to approach artistes for 'free' FB, Insta live messages

In his latest Insta post captioned 'PSA', Grover puns that artistes do not live on sandwiches of nitrogen-oxygen and need to earn their bread.

These are unexpected times. The country is on a house arrest. The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus seems unsettling as of today. In these trying times with all outdoor activities coming to a pause, brands are concentrating on social media to keep their audience engaged. They are reaching out to artistes and professionals, inviting them to go live on their social media pages in order to address the audience.

However, it seems like some brands are using this opportunity to get a free ride on the artist’s/professional’s back, or so does comedian and writer Varun Grover’s latest Instagram post suggests. Grover writes, “Dear brands/pages, stop approaching artistes to ask them to do an insta/FB live for your page FOR FREE in name of ‘cheering up the nation in these tough times’.”

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He finds it a lame idea. Explaining himself, Grover in the post puns that artists do not live on sandwiches of nitrogen-oxygen and they need to earn their bread as well.

“Yes there’s a lockdown and we’re not earning anything but how stupid it would be to not be earning and still working for you,” he writes in the picture captioned 'PSA'.

Posted around two hours ago from the time of filing this piece, the Instagram post has been liked by almost 7000 followers of Grover so far.