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Delivering from pharmacies during lockdown is no child's play, says Dunzo

Dunzo released a list of most popularly delivered items from pharmacies between March 01-31st.

Most delivery apps have been seeing a surge in orders ever since India announced a lockdown to combat the rapidly spreading coronavirus. Dunzo is one of the delivery apps that has been seeing an uptick in business. The company is well known for their witty social media posts, and most recently, they released data on what was the most frequently ordered items from pharmacies, from March 01-31. The Janta curfew was announced for the first time on March 22 and on March 25, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a complete lockdown of the country that would last 21 days.

The pandemic had began spreading since the beginning of March and most companies had asked employees to work from home by then. According to Dunzo, some of the most frequently ordered items from pharmacies include pregnancy kits in Bangalore and Pune, condoms in Mumbai and iPills in Hyderabad. The only cities that ordered items that were not directly related to sexual wellness were Chennai and Jaipur - the most frequently ordered item here was handwash.

In recent times, brands have also collaborated with delivery services to ensure their products reach the end users. The most recent example is of Cipla Health collaborating with essential item providers such as Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo to supply OTC wellness products such as Ciphands, Nicotex, Prolyte, Maxirich, Cofsils and others. Leveraging the extensive service delivery mechanism, Cipla Health will cater to 4 lakh people and cover 250 stores in 45 cities across the country.

Commenting on this association, Kabeer Biswas, CEO & co-founder, Dunzo said, “These are extraordinary times and delivery partners like Dunzo partners are braving the streets to ensure the city’s essential needs are met. Whether its medicines for the sick or groceries for the elderly, Dunzo is committed to helping our cities and users fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Our collaboration with Cipla Health ensures that people have access to products that improve their health and wellbeing, even in times like these.”