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Dettol warns netizens against 'fake videos', takes a stand on Twitter

Dettol took to Twitter to clarify that the company was investigating complaints of counterfeit products being manufactured/marketed under its brand name.

Dettol has been at the center of attention for many people since the coronavirus pandemic began. During the first few months of the virus outbreak, stock of Dettol’s hand washes, hand sanitiser, and disinfectant liquid was flying off the shelves.

Taking stock of the demand for these products, brands from other categories also stepped in to produce sanitisers, sprays and other items to aid disinfection. However, people still continue to look out for Dettol products. Videos have surfaced on the internet where people are producing fake versions of Dettol products, leaving consumers everywhere concerned.

RB has tweeted via Dettol India’s page to put these rumours to rest. The claim is that they are investigating the wrongful usage of the Dettol brand name to produce spurious products.

The claims caught the brand's attention when videos of the products being made, were posted on Twitter and Facebook. Most of the videos and photos are supposedly from Pakistan.

Earlier in the beginning of June, The Hindu reported that the Delhi High Court ordered a brand a company to stop using the name 'Devtol' to manufacture and sell hand sanitisers and masks as it infringes the name, trademark and logo of Dettol. The court had also imposed afine of Rs. 1 lakh on the manufacturer of ‘Devtol’ hand sanitisers.