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Dineout changes Twitter tagline to support self-quarantine

Dineout has taken the high road with its decision to change its cover image on social channels - urging users to stay in and refrain from using the app.

On Dineout's Twitter and Facebook handles - the message is impossible to miss. The company has updated its name and cover image on the social networking platforms to ask users to stay in and refrain from using their services. While it might seem counter-intuitive for a company to urge users not to consume their services - the message is in the light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has suggested social distancing as a measure to fight the outbreak and this is how Dineout chose to respond. Dineout is an online service that allows table booking at restaurants and cafes and discounts on meal fares too. The company posted on their official blog, reminding users that 'we are in this together.' Below is an excerpt from the post.

We’ve always had your back when you wanted to go out for celebrations, when the only problem with dining out was deciding where to go. So, if you think that we’d leave you hanging just because restaurants aren’t operational for a while, you’re wrong. We sure miss you, but we care about you way more than that. We want you safe more than anything right now and for that, it’s best all of us stay home.

And as much as we understand that it can get a little mundane on days, know that we’re always here to cheer you up. We’ll figure out ways to do fun things together while staying in.

Read that book that you’ve been wanting to finish for so long, catch up with your favourite TV shows, clean up your closet, redecorate your house, listen to new music & podcasts, learn to cook, or learn new recipes if you already cook. While you do all of that, don’t forget to take care of yourself. That should be your number one priority.

The post went on to list ways to stay infection-free.